What would you give to Dalston?




May 31st and the day we asked Dalston ‘what has Dalston given you’ and ‘what will you do for Dalston’. Dalston Bridge is a hyper-local fundraising campaign supporting great local charities and aiming to spread the benefits of gentrification. Communities are successful because people connect with each other. Dalston Bridge has come up with some great fundraising connections – you can donate £1 when you buy a Dalston Thing cocktail at some of the local bars, and if you are selling your house, and decide to do so with Currell, a donation you make will be matched to 50% by the estate agent.

We want to create and support more connections, and not just financial ones. Given people make these connections, we thought we better ask them what connections they would make! And people came up with lovely ideas about what Dalston had given them and what they would give to Dalston.

IMG_3238 IMG_3242 IMG_3244 IMG_3249 IMG_3252 IMG_3255 IMG_3257 IMG_3258 IMG_3259 IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3263 IMG_3264 IMG_3267 IMG_3277 IMG_3278 IMG_3279 IMG_3282 IMG_3284 IMG_3285 IMG_3286 IMG_3288 IMG_3289 IMG_3292


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