And so what WOULD you give for Dalston

In my previous blog post I described our crowdsourcing day where we gave people (nicely designed) price tags and asked them to write down what Dalston had given them and what they would give for Dalston. And…(drum roll)…here are the answers in a lovely table.

People have taken a lot from Dalston: friends and lovers, home – often for those newly moved to London – and a sense of belonging, feelings of fund, inspiration and happiness, and incredibly diverse culture (or ‘a world in a nieghbourhood’), and great food and drink (and afterwards ‘a hangover’) and shops and services, including the lovely Rio cinema.

So what would they give in return for all this great stuff? 31% of responses were simply around being friendly to others: giving a smile or being nice to their neighbours. 21% were around supporting the neighbourhood; by buying locally or shouting about how great Dalston is. 16% were around doing something for charities, and therefore working with public services to help young people into employment or those suffering from mental health. 11% were around encouraging connections between people and 10% around doing something cultural. 6% were around looking after Dalston (my favourite was a 13 year old boy who said he would not drop cigarette butts on the floor…when he was 18 and can legally buy cigarettes I add!) and 5% around fundraising for great local charities.

Screen shot 2014-07-30 at 13.24.29


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